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Sustainable Environmental Practices

Sustainable environmental measures form an integral part of Rattan Island's strategy. Our products are 100% handmade with minimum impact on the environment due to zero carbon output during the production process.

Our rattan cane is harvested from the jungles in the North of Myanmar whilst taking great care in our sustainable harvesting policies.  Rattan Grows from stems up to a length of 20 foot with each rattan root branching out between 5-10 stems.   Whilst harvesting the rattan we carefully select only the mature stems ensuring cutting the rattan above the stem/roots to encourage future re-growth of the  rattan cane.  The following season we will harvest the now more mature stems whilst allowing the previous seasons harvested roots to continue their rejuvenation.   Through careful harvesting it not only secures the future livelihood for the farmers harvesting the rattan it also allows our products to remain possibly the most environmental friendly home accessories available anywhere.

We continually listen to customers to evaluate and look at ways to further improve our footprint on the environment. Listed below are our current activities to help ensure that our products remain one of the greenest environmentally friendly products on the planet today.

To help achieve our target environmental goals  our company is actively pursuing the following strategies,

1) Minimise waste and  promote internal recycling inside our factory.
2) Promote environmental awareness and responsibility amongst employees and suppliers, and will seek, where practicable, to continuously improve Company environmental performance
3) Sustainable harvesting of rattan cane.
4)Encouraging NO CARDBOARD box packing to reduce packing materials by 30% to lower any impact on the environment.