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Rattan Manufacturer

Rattan Island is a rattan manufacturer with a factory base in Myanmar formerly known as Burma and a marketing office in Bangkok Thailand. Our small items are woven in a village approximately 4 hrs drive from Yangon using skillful weavers in villages who depend upon our orders for employment.

The production process is quite long from start to finish and we hope the information provided on this page and in our colouring pages helps give you a clear understanding of the attention to detail that goes into each and every piece that we sell.

Rattan Raw Process

  • The raw rattan material is harvested in the jungles in the North of Myanmar using farmers and Elephants to cut and carry the raw materials from the jungle to our sorting factory.
  • The rattan is then treated and boiled to remove any bugs and unwanted colours
  • The skin is then removed using machinery to strip the rattan skin and to shape the poles to the required thickness.

Weaving Production Accessories

After the raw is delivered to our village weavers, the raw is distributed to our village weavers. Our world famous embroidary weaving is made using the skin of the rattan poles which is split by hand to 2mm strips in order for the weavers to be able to weave a nice tight close weave.

Splitting the Rattan to 2mm for Weaving (see below)


Framing and Shaping (see below)

Each item requires a weaver and a framer who will shape and nail together the inside rattan poles that form the structure of the product whilst the weavers will weave our very high quality tight weaving around the poles. It is the framers job to ensure that the product shape and sizes are correct.  Each pole is nailed together to form the structure and shape of each product as below.


Weaving the baskets (see below)

After the framer has attached another row of rattan core to the product, the weavers then weave the rattan skin around the poles as below.


Weaving Furniture (see below in factory)



The production for the furniture is done inside our factory and can be seen below.  As the furniture is larger and bulkier to transport it is more beneficial for us to produce in our factory with our own factory weavers.

Colouring & QC

This is the main reason that seperates us apart from any other factories in Asia.  Our QC checking is very detailed and we only accept the highest quality weaving when arriving at our factory to ensure the best products for our customers.  Each item is then carefully checked and any damaged rattan hairs are repaired.  For more details on our process for QC & Colouring you can see our section dedictated to colouring.

With a large number of Rattan Manufacturer 's in Asia, Rattan Island remains the number one manufacturer and exporter of high quality home decorative rattan items by offering regular new designs that are produced at our factory in Myanmar at the most competitive prices of any Rattan Manufacturer in Asia, including Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Whilst many rattan manufacturers in Asia concentrate their interests both in Furniture or "Cheap" baskets and home decorative items, Rattan Island concentrates on supplying a very high quality detailed weaving native only to that of Myanmar at the cheapest prices of any of the Asian Rattan manufacturer 's.

We are here to serve you with your needs and we hope that we can be of assistance.


Rattan Factory


Rattan Manufacturer